Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post One

The name......Hawkeye Haunted Mansion is derived from inspiration provided by "The Haunted Mansion Northside" which represents California, more specifically the north side of LA I'm just guessing.  The guy who runs it, James Lopez is a genius.  I've enjoyed his marvelous posts for a few years now.  After years of travel and lots of moving I am finally where I want to be.  In Iowa...."the hawkeye state".  I thought about calling this the "Haunted Mansion Midwest" but the other had a better ring to it.  This photo depicts the legendary Iowa Hawkeye Football coach Hayden Fry at my annual Halloween party.  Fun fact of the day......Craig T. Nelson's character Hayden Fox on the 80's TV sitcom "Coach" was based on Hayden Fry and all of the shots of the campus where from the University of Iowa.  The University in the TV show was a fictitious school in Minnesota.