Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Mummy and the Old Man

James Lopez of the blog "The Haunted Mansion Northside" was the creative drive behind these two figures.  As a matter of fact, I never even realized these two were in the Haunted Mansion ride until reading James' posts.  They appear in the graveyard scene and you really have to be paying attention to catch them.  Check out some older posts from a few years back on his blog and you can see he was the first the make such creatures.  I thought it was so great that someone would create actual characters from the Haunted Mansion and would like to thank James for introducing me to these characters!  After seeing James' I just had to make my own. The photos show the evolution.  The first year I used a mask on a dummy head for the old man.  Then decided to sculpt my own as James did.  The mummy's head is carved from foam.  His body is made from 1 inch PVC pipe, foam insulation tubes, and lots of gauze wrap and cheesecloth.  The old man's head is made from a foam wig head, aluminum foil, and Sculpey modeling clay.  His hands and arms are made from Sculpey as well.  His body is the same design I use for all my "dummies" which I'll talk about on down the road.